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Revival of the fittest

TV revivals prompt mixed emotions

Amber Robertson, Social Media Editor/Designer

Full House, Gilmore girls and 10 Things I Hate About You. Any number of terms could apply to what I think about the remakes of these masterpieces: distasteful, overdone, inevitable, unimaginative and maybe even exciting on occasion.

10 things10 Things I Hate About You was originally a movie that came out in 1999. It’s a modern version of Shakespeare’s “The Taming of the Shrew.” It’s brilliant, as any modern version of Shakespeare typically is. It has remained my favorite movie of all time for over a decade.

Enter ABC in 2009 with an updated version of the movie. ABC made it into a TV show, and it was the worst thing that could possibly have happened to something as genius as 10 Things I Hate About You. The acting ranged from dull, lacking any kind of emotion, to excessive and even caricatured. The writing left something to be desired, and the sets were cheesy at best. This, in my opinion, was the worst remake that has ever been made, although I may be biased.

Fuller House comes to Netflix this Friday, Feb. 26, and the hype for this show rises more each time new information is released about the show. Full House was one of those beautifully wholesome family shows that you could watch and always feel uplifted. It showed what was considered unconventional family situations at the time and made those situations okay. Families everywhere loved this show for many reasons.

I personally enjoyed how they showed the importance of having a good male role model, whether it be a father, uncle or otherwise. Having a good example of a hardworking man around is very important in my opinion. Don’t get me wrong; it’s also important to have an example of a hardworking woman as well, but men get kind of a bad rap these days.

My expectations for Fuller House are very high. In this day and age, it’s nearly impossible to find wholesome television, so my hope is that they bring the wholesome nature of Full House back for the remake. I’m also quite curious to see how they will explain why Michelle isn’t there, seeing as neither of the Olsen twins are not returning.

Gilmore girls is also coming back to Netflix with new special episodes. Although nothing has been confirmed, it is rumored there will be four 90-minute episodes. Amy Sherman-Palladino is back in the writing chair that she never should have left, and I am ecstatic. Plenty of the characters have been confirmed to be returning, including all three of the boyfriends, which undeniably foretells angst and confusion for our beloved Rory.

I unfortunately missed out on Stars Hollow when it was on television, but when it came to Netflix last year I binged all seven seasons within a couple of weeks. I was Team Jesse from the moment Milo Ventimiglia’s lofty cheekbones and perfectly coiffed hair graced my computer screen, and I pray that Rory will end up with this perfect, yet misunderstood man.

Whether you have been watching Luke gripe about his love for Lorelai since the year 2000, or you just finished the first episode, I hope you are just as elated as I am to see what becomes of our favorite coffee-drinking fast-talking Gilmore girls.

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