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Ranking #1

If you did not already know, TWU is a great school. We have beautiful campuses, great staff members and a wonderful student body. Our Dallas campus, however, has something a little more special to take into consideration for those who are still on the fence about the beloved TWU.  

According to the Dallas Business Journal, TWU is number one in the DFW area for graduates earnings versus cost of attending. To put this into perspective, students on average earn $2.65 for every dollar spent attending TWU once graduated.  

TWU Chancellor and President Dr. Carine Feyten stated,

“it’s more than just receiving a high return on investing in a TWU education; we are equally proud that our students are prepared to live healthy lives and be engaged as productive members of the community.”  

According to The Dallas Business Journal, “the average median student earnings among schools in DFW is $42,900, about $10,000 more than the national average.”  This puts TWU roughly $12,000 higher than the national average. When you attend TWU you are really getting a bang for your buck. You are not just paying for a great education and beautiful campus, but you are also paying for a better future with a better outcome of wages.  

 The staff here at T-Dub really does care about its students and want to help better their lives as much as possible. By attending one class you can really feel the passion professors have for helping students as much as possible and preparing them for a wonderful future.  

 If you needed more reason to love TWU, you can add this to your list. The staff here loves its students and wants to see them succeed in their future careers.

Ranking #1 in the DFW area is a great accomplishment for the TWU family. 

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