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Pioneer Pride dance team holding auditions

pexels-photo-225017_Page_6_Image_0003TWU brings the first ever spirit dance team, Pioneer Pride, to campus beginning in the 2017-2018 school year, a tradition the university plans to continually support in the coming years. Auditions for Pioneer Pride will be held April 21-22, prep. classes will be taught by TWU alumna and Pioneer Pride Dance Team Director Allison Fields who is anticipating a great first year.

Explaining that she has not yet set a limit for how many members she will pick for the team, Fields says that after beginning Pioneer Pride she hopes to expand TWU’s dance group. Fields said: “Typically, on a college team you’re going to have anywhere from 15-25, but my overarching goal for the future would be to have a few teams. So right now, we’re looking at just having a performance group and then eventually we want to have a competitive team and then a hip-hop team as well.”

The Pioneer Pride Dance Team will specialize in pom and jazz dance. Fields explained the style of dance could be compared to the style of dancers from the NFL and NBA. Fields hopes that the Pioneer Pride dance team will become a source of pride for TWU and will be incorporated into the university’s sporting and community events. Fields said: “We’d love to be at new student orientations and family weekend and homecoming and athletic events, parades, I know Denton loves to do parades, so we would love to be involved with those, anywhere we can help get the TWU name out there, is where we want to be.”

As of right now, Fields is coordinating schedules and uniforms and all students regardless of classification or gender who are experienced dancers are encouraged to audition. Students who want to improve their chances of being picked for the team can attend one or all of the four prep classes taught by Fields. Fields and a panel of judges will select team members after two days of auditions. Applicants must pay a $30 fee and have all their paper work with them to tryout. Applications and more information can be found online on the TWU Fit and Rec’s website.

Fields said: “This is the inaugural year, which is a really special year. And years from now people are going to be talking about this first group that was on the team, so it’s a good year for those who are auditioning and make the team to be included in something like this.”

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