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  Last year, TWU announced that the university pool built in 1938 and last renovated in the 1980s, was facing major obstacles regarding repair and maintenance. After much research and deliberation it was determined that the pool be closed due to the detrimental cost of repair. Senior Associate Vice President for Student Engagement Heather Speed shared: “The outdoor pool was leaking approximately 360,000 gallons of water per month.” She added:…


Rain washes out Texas drought

  Cool temperatures this spring have brought much needed relief from the Texas heat for TWU students and Denton residents alike. The recent heavy rains along with the wet winter and spring has ended the state’s extreme drought conditions for the first time in five years, as stated by national news reports. According to the U.S. Drought Monitor report for July 7th, 2015 only a handful of counties, excluding Denton…

2015 Pioneer Power Sprint Tri & 5K logo

TWU soccer team hosts Triathlon and 5K

  On Sunday July 26, the Pioneer soccer team will hold its ninth annual Pioneer Power Sprint event on the TWU Denton campus, featuring a triathlon and a 5K. The event will occur on campus grounds and along Highway 428 – the 200-yard swim will take place in the Fitness And Recreation indoor pool, the 16.1-mile bike ride will take place on Highway 428, and the 3.1 mile run and…


TWU Golfers tee off at Fit and Rec Scramble

              The third TWU Faculty and Staff Golf Scramble took place on July 10 this summer, with participants from a variety of TWU departments. The Golf Scramble consisted of five teams with four players each. Supervisor of Recreational Sports Gabriel Cruz said in an email: “In a scramble, everyone tees off and then afterwards the team picks the best ball out of the group…



Recently a disturbing hashtag briefly took over the Twitterverse: #whitegirlsdoitbetter. Aside from raising a few questions – namely “What do white girls do better?” and “Better than who?” – the misguided and offensive attempt at a cultural movement serves as a talking point about blindness to privilege. The white girls who used the hashtag failed to make a case for their “better”-ness, but their need to assert it over women…


Take a trip outside your comfort zone

Summer is a time of thrill-seeking adventure, yet often we are discouraged from traveling alone. The various reasons include safety, expense, and the social stigma of being seen without a partner or close friends. This last reason in particular seems to keep even the most adventurous individual from taking exciting trips to new destinations. However, if there’s a place you truly want to explore that’s within your budget, then you…

Photos By Sierra Taylor

Community Rally Celebrates Supreme Court’s Same-Sex Marriage Ruling

Love, support and rain drenched The Square as Ellen Depee and Angelia Ford became the first same-sex couple to exchanged wedding vows in Denton, Texas. On Friday, June 26, more than 100 community members rallied in support, celebration of the Supreme Court’s ruling to support marriage equality throughout the United States and in protest of Denton County refusal to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. “I think it’s a real…