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Exhibit retires

In 2001, Susan kae Grant, retired Professor and Head of Photography and Book Arts, founded the Joyce Elaine Grant Photography Exhibit. This event is organized by the TWU photography students. Grant started this exhibit in honor of her mother, and all proceeds from the exhibit go toward photography scholarships for students in the Department of the Visual Arts.

According to, the exhibit, “provides a national venue for the exhibition of artistic expression as seen through the eye of the camera.” The jurors of the exhibit are distinguished female curators who select images submitted by photographers across the U. S.

This year past year, Grant retired and with her, the exhibit will be retiring, too. On Feb. 24, the last of the series will be on display, and art by Kristine Thompson will be featured. According to, Thompson’s work “addresses social and emotional responses to death and memorial practices” which “initiate a conversation between the past and the present and to metaphorically point to larger questions about loss, how we mourn, and how we are affected by what is left behind.” The TWU Department of Visual Arts said, “The works engage photographic imagery in a tactile manner in order to question when and how pictures might elicit empathy.”

To view some of Thompson’s more recent work, you can view it first at the opening reception. The opening reception will be held on Feb. 24 from 5 to 7 p.m. at the Visual Arts Building in the East gallery. Entry is open and free to the public. This exhibit will close on March 25 of this year.          

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