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Mr. Frosty’s: Denton’s classic 50s drive in

The first time I drove by Mr. Frosty’s, I knew that I had to stop in. I couldn’t help but look inside the glass windows under the neon lights.

The benches look like they’d been stolen right out of a 50s movie, and their menu is a white-board full of little, black, plastic letters. I made a mental note to myself to stop in soon, as I thought they surely would have delicious burgers. It looked like a place that reminded me of home, of small town Texas.

If you haven’t visited, Mr. Frosty’s is a home-run burger joint that sits just south of I-35 on Fort Worth Drive in Denton, and it’s been around for over 60 years. According to a blog on, a young couple named Webb opened up the Frosty Drive In back in 1954 “with a walk-up stand that soon expanded some indoor seating for cruising car enthusiasts. Locals and classic car clubs have been bringing their families here even before the sign changed to Mr. Frosty in 2007.” Inside, pictures of different cars that have made a visit are carefully tucked into the napkin dispensers on every table. The jukebox has been updated to work, but if you leave it alone, it’ll happily sing classic songs from the jukebox era in the background.

If the food is what you’re coming for, though, you won’t be disappointed. The folks that work behind the counter will proudly tell you which items are the best. The classic Texas touch is present in their cooking from their hand-breaded onion rings to their homemade root beer floats. The burgers are grilled to juicy perfection and the chili cheese tots are addicting. My two-year-old daughter will tell anyone who asks, “they have yummy ice cream drinks. I want one every day.” When I brought my best friend, Sanlyn, to eat here to show her what small-town Texas felt like, she said, “I haven’t had a coke float this good since I was a kid.”

If you’re looking for the feel of Happy Days, a little Denton history, a good burger and a float for cheap, stop by Mr. Frosty’s. I can guarantee that if you grew up in Texas, you’ll feel right at home.

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