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Off- Campus Leasing

Part of going to college is the opportunity for students to move away from their parents.

The first year is pretty set because students live on campus. After that, students have the option to live elsewhere. This is where leasing an apartment comes in. This can be exciting or taunting. If you have friends you’re willing to live with, it makes the process a little easier. However, if you don’t, most apartments have a “roommate matching system” that can pair you with a roommate who has interests and qualities alike to yours.

On campus information

TWU hosts events to help better inform students about leasing options. On Feb. 15, Housing, Campus Alliance for Resource Education and the Student Legal Services will be giving information about leasing a new space. This event will help students avoid rookie mistakes. Student Union 207 will have information, food, shirts and more available from 12:30 to 1:30 pm.         

Advice from the professionals posted an article titled “Student Renter’s Guide” aimed towards helping students in the leasing market. Whether you are leasing an apartment or a house, there are always pros and cons. Most students live in an apartment because it tends to be cheaper. BestColleges stated that apartments are, “secure and have private entry to the building and unit,” which is why it tends to be a first choice for students.

The Realty Medics stress the importance of research on their “Tips for College Students Looking for a Place to Rent” article. Having a checklist of what you want, and do not want, will keep you on track. When doing a walk-thru, check how clean every inch of the space is, inside and out.

Getting your own space away from parents and the dorm environment is stressful. With the right resources and help, this chore can become fun and exciting. TWU offers support for students looking to lease, but sometimes it is usually good to ask mom and dad for help when finding your first place, as well.

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