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All the Eternal Love I Have for Pumpkins

Known as the “Polka Dot Princess,” Yayoi Kusama is a Japanese artist, avant-garde sculptor and author. The exhibit, “All the Eternal Love I Have for Pumpkins,” will be at the Dallas Museum of Art through Feb. 25. Tickets to this exhibit cost $16, and the exhibit itself is limited to two people at a time with a 45 second time limit.

Kusama is said to be one of the most popular artists in the world, and she considers her pieces to be “art medicine.”

Kusama’s works of art are all consuming. The detail she puts into each piece, from the color to the patterns, draws your eye in immediately and almost feels like you have entered another world. “All the Eternal Love I Have for Pumpkins” is mesmerizing. Yellow pumpkins covered in black polka dots stretch into infinity and captivate your attention for what feels like forever, despite only being 45 seconds. Kusama’s ability to create a sense of infinity is brilliant.

With her use of drawing, sculpture, painting and installation art, Kusama implements various forms of media, but is most well known for her contemporary and pop art. Her most popular pieces are her infinite mirror installations. Along with the piece at the DMA, she currently has an exhibition in Los Angeles that opened in October titled “Infinite Mirrors” that has sold easily over 50,000 tickets.

In a 1999 interview, Kusama said, “I will continue to create artwork as long as my passion keeps me doing so. I am deeply moved that so many people have been my fans. I have been grappling with art as a therapy for my disease, but I suppose I would not be able to know how people would evaluate my art until after I die. I create art for the healing of all mankind.”

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