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Empowering through Enactus

Student organizations bring students who share the same interests together and keep students involved across campus. According to the TWU website, the campus has “more than 140 chartered and university-sanctioned student organizations” and Enactus is one of these student organizations.


Enactus aims to “empower people in need by applying business and economic concepts and an entrepreneurial approach to improve their quality of life and standard of living” according to the TWU Enactus Facebook page. The group is open to all majors and is free for students to join. To remain in good standings with the group, one must contribute at least 10 hours per academic year to Enactus. The students in the group perform various projects to help and empower people in need.

 Professor in the School of Management and Enactus Sponsor Dr. David Rylander said, “Enactus has been a leading student organization at TWU for over 20 years and has impacted many in the community, including abused women, homeless veterans, people in need of jobs, small business owners, struggling nonprofits, school kids, Girl Scouts, senior citizens and more.”

Enactus travels to events and competes for titles and has won the Regional Championship nine times and Regional 1st Runner Up five times. Throughout the year, Enactus hosts many events ranging from craft nights, movie nights and socials that students can attend and gather more information about the organization.

Enactus posts “spirit videos” to demonstrate confidence gained by members throughout their journey within the organization. The goal of the videos is to show how the members are outstanding students, and that they will make an impact on the world around them. A member in the video said “It showed me the potential I have to transform the world into a better, more sustainable place.”

Contact information and upcoming events

The Enactus Facebook page has information about past events, goals and awards which can be found by searching @TWUSIFE.

 Future events include the Enactus Girl Scout Conference on March 3, a general meeting in the Student Union room 113 from 12:20 to12:50 p.m., and the Regional Competition in Dallas on April 16. For more information about these upcoming events and or joining the organization, contact Rylander at


Front: Hanan El Kadi Janbeih, Sandra Avalos, Alondra Flores, Miko Brunet, Penny Belcourt

Back: Tea Evans, Danyelle Casterline, Elvis Vargas, Jonathan Mallory, Gio Flores

Photo courtesy of David Rylander

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