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Nordie Excels in Athletics Academics and Service

Courtesy of TWU Athletics

Commitment, determination and leadership are key characteristics of Senior Center Fielder Nicole Nordie. In her three years at TWU, she has excelled in athletics, academics and service. Upon graduating with a Health Studies degree this May, Nordie will be entering the TWU Dental Hygiene program.

In a word, Assistant Coach Jamie Kerner describes Nordie as “determined.” According to Kerner: “She’s always determined to go for the bigger picture and do anything and everything above and beyond what is expected of her. That’s on the field and off the field.”

Nordie (#21) was accepted to the Dental Hygiene program in Feb. Though she had the option of beginning the program as a sophomore, Nordie chose to first complete a four-year degree in order to keep her commitments to softball. “I just loved [softball] and wanted to keep going, and I wanted to be able to say that I could finish all four years.” Nordie, now a center fielder, played shortstop for her first two years as a Pioneer.

Nordie’s can-do attitude began early, and it seems to have stuck with her ever since. She was introduced to softball at a very young age: “I have two older sisters, and they played before me. I remember I was little and they were outside practicing, and I thought ‘Oh that can’t be too hard,’” said Nordie. Her father, who coached her up until college, also had a big influence on Nordie’s love of the game.

While the thing Nordie says she will remember most is the simple joy of playing, she also feels that her time on the softball field has helped prepare her for the field of dental hygiene. “I decided I wanted to do dental hygiene because I like being

around people. Of course in softball I’m around people all the time…It’s helped me get used to playing with different kinds of girls,” said Nordie.

When she isn’t practicing or studying, Nordie volunteers with a 14-and-under select softball team in her hometown of Sanger. Her service experience compliments with her career goals as well. Nordie: “I think getting to work with younger girls and just the atmosphere of being around different people is going to help me in my overall career.” 

Nordie’s stellar track record of leadership and determination is recognized by her coaches. Kerner said: “She is our captain… When things are in a bind, we know we can always turn to her to get us out of a situation on the field. Or if the players are having a hard time, they know they can always go to Nicole and Nicole is going to give them the correct guidance.”

Kerner continued: “Nicole is a very independent person…She takes it upon herself to find a way to solve any problem. And if there is a problem within the team or if she has a problem, she’s going to step up and take care of it.”

With reference to being named Daktronic All-American in 2015, Nordie said: “It didn’t really matter to me. I care more about what we do as a team…I’m one person, whereas we need nine people on the field.”

Nordie reports that she is very grateful for her time here at TWU: “TWU is the best program that I’ve played for and I’m glad I came here. They’re really good about…making sure that you’re grades are up and making sure that you enjoy everything here,” said Nordie, “I feel like they are trying to guide you…and want to make sure you have a good experience here. Everybody here is wonderful.” TWU should be equally grateful as the home field for a star athlete, student and volunteer like Nordie.

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