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No Ring by Spring

Spring has brought wetter weather, blooming flowers and an abundance of left hand bling.

During our early twenties, we have friends nursing hangovers, raising babies and of course, tying the knot. Even though I am not against the idea of marriage, I have a tendency to cringe anytime one of my friends gets engaged. Not because of the person they are marrying, but mainly because I still feel like a baby. As a senior in college, maybe this is not the most logical thinking, but my generation still has a whole lot of life to live. So before you sprint down the aisle, consider doing these things instead.


Chase that Degree

Going to college is one of the first “real life” experiences young adults should experience. Not only does it benefit you and your future, but it is a great time to explore the person you want to be. Whether you find your passion or dabble in a few college classes, knowledge always makes you a more well-rounded person.


Trot The Globe

Traveling the world is something you should do alone, at least once in your life. Spending a week driving cross country by yourself or plan a solo-trip to an exotic country. Getting out in the world allows you to meet a variety of people and experience things you might not have if you were traveling with someone else. Also, you cannot spend a whirlwind romantic summer with an Italian boy in Rome if you are dating someone else.


Live Alone

After spending eighteen years living with nosey family and four years living with loud roommates, do you not think that you deserve some alone time? Finding an apartment, learning to balance bills and tackling daily task by yourself is bound to teach you a life lesson or two. Plus, who is not sick of sharing bathrooms with messy people?


Learn A Skill

We all have something that has peaked our interest for a while, but we have done nothing about. Right now is the perfect time to learn all about beekeeping or to take a dance class. You might even find a new passion and something you would want to do for the rest of your life.


Learn Who You Are

Maybe no one ever really knows who they are, but you definitely do not know if you’re in your twenties. By focusing on yourself, you will grow into a better and happier person. This makes you a better person and makes it easier for you to know what kind of future you do and do not want.


There is absolutely no reason to rush into marriage, so do not let anyone pressure you into thinking that you have to hit a milestone at the “right” time.  If you are in a happy, healthy relationship it will survive until you are older. If it does not, it was a sign that it was suppose not to last. So ditch the ring and have a little fun before settling down.

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