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Muslim ban round two: Will Trump give up?

Well, our Commander-in-Chief did it again. He signed another executive order on Feb. 27 to replace the executive order that was declared unconstitutional and prohibited nationals from seven Muslim- majority nations from entering the U.S and suspended the entry of refugees.

This executive order has a few changes in it: it does not prohibit green card holders or visa holders from entering the U.S. and Iraq has been removed from the ban. Only people traveling to the U.S. from Syria, Sudan, Iran, Somalia, Libya and Yemen are prohibited from entering the country for 90 days.

The order refers to two thwarted terrorism plots refugees were involved with in the last four years as evidence that refugees from these countries are dangerous. The executive order also refers to 300 refugees that are currently under “counter terrorism investigations” by the FBI. However, it is not stated whether the refugees under investigation are from any of the six countries mentioned in the ban.

So, President Donald Trump’s first ban was struck down because of its unconstitutionality and now his new ban is also being challenged and will most likely be struck down as well. So the question is will Trump give up? Yes, I believe he will. A CNN poll found that 55 percent of Americans view this “safety” ban as a Muslim ban and six out of ten people oppose it. Trump thrives off positive attention and I believe that when he continues to get negative feedback from a majority of Americans he will try to ditch this idea as quick as he can and blame it on one of his employees he can fire (I suggest Steven Bannon).  

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