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March Movies to Mark

logan“Logan” – March 3Wrapping up Hugh Jackman’s role as the Wolverine, “Logan” is the tenth movie in the X-Men saga. In his final adventure, Jackman is tasked with saving a young mutant girl, Laura, who is a being pursued by a dark force. The jury is still out on whether the dark force is a made up of familiar characters or if there is completely new introduction of characters.

Critics have noted that Logan’s character send off is just as dramatic as previous movies, yet ends the series on a high note.

According to Screen Rant, “Logan” is loosely based off of Marvel’s “Old Man Logan” and Joe Carnahan’s “The Grey” and displays Logan struggling with an unsubtle attitude of wanting to end his immortality. The viewer rating is set at R due to “strong brutal violence and language throughout, and for brief nudity.” Perhaps we will get to see Jackman’s butt again?


lavend“Lavender” – March 3

According to Variety, the lead character in “Lavender,” Jane (played by Abbie Cornish) is a photographer with a passion to use old houses as her subjects to imagine a glimpse of their former owners.

After finding a house that intrigues Jane, a ghostly figure in the road causes her to wreck which in turn results in amnesia that actually begins to bring back memories from her biological family and hints at a “notorious tragedy.”

On top of the main storyline, Jane’s marriage and relationship with her daughter is further estranged with her surfacing memories of her childhood.


Beauty and the Beast – March 17

In a recreation of one of the Disney classics, Emma Watson plays Belle and according to Screen Rant, she “looks to be the picture perfect princess, especially when we get shots of her in the traditional yellow ball gown.”

The remake is said to contain all of the original score from the animated version with some new additions to enjoy, as well. Another subtle difference includes a more developed and villainous portrayal of Gaston compared to the comical version in the original.

During the trailer, viewers can get a good glance at the computer generated image of Beast, which critics say has a good balance between the human and animal traits within Beast’s character.



“The Zookeeper’s Wife” – March 31 

Based off of the 2007 non-fiction book, “The Zookeeper’s Wife” is set during the Holocaust at the Warsaw Zoo. Husband and wife duo Dr. Jan (Johan Heldenberg) and Antonia Zabinska (Jessica Chastain) hide Jewish refugees within the zoo, which becomes a part of the historic Warsaw Ghetto.

The trailer for the film displays important information in the storyline, without making the viewer feel as if all of the content is compromised . The zoo animals also add to the sense of helplessness of the time

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