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Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

As president of the Vegan and Vegetarian Organization (VVO) at Texas Woman’s University, I feel the need to voice my opinion on plant-based eating. This year, VVO is partnering with The Humane League to collect Meatless Monday pledges. Over the course of six weeks, I’ve gathered a significant number of pledges from our campus, including TWU’s Chancellor and President Dr. Carine Feyten.

Going plant-based has become common in the United States over the past couple of years. Not only does reducing your intake of meat improve your health, it helps the planet, and of course the animals who share it with us. Going meatless one day out of the week can reduce your risk of gaining chronic diseases like cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity, etc.

For me, making the switch to a plant-based lifestyle was well worth it. Throughout my life, I’ve always tried to make choices using my heart. In other words, I have always and will always try to make choices of self-sacrifice for someone or something I love. In this case, animals. Eliminating meat from your diet once a week saves 28 animals per year alone. Imagine the rippling effect of encouraging the people around you to reduce the amount of meat they consume. Knowing that I can live a healthy life while leaving animals off my plate motivates me to help others around me to live a compassionate life.

I recommend you research this topic further and check out organizations like Mercy for Animals and websites like for help on getting started. I hope this letter sheds some light and encourages you to pledge to go meatless on Mondays.


Micheal Garcia

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