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Letter from the Editor

By: Katie Olson, Editor-in-Chief


Welcome back, TWU students! My name is Katie Olson, and I am your new Editor-in-Chief for the 2015-2016 academic year. I am currently completing my last year here at TWU, earning my Bachelor’s Degree in English. I look forward to serving as a representative for the student body and the university. So as we prepare for a new semester, I want our readers to know about the new changes that we are implementing here at The Lasso.

This year, our goal is to establish a greater connection between the newspaper and the students, faculty, administration and the community at large. We hope to accomplish this goal by offering equal coverage to the Denton, Dallas and Houston campuses. Expect to see more news and feature articles highlighting the events and accomplishments of the Dallas and Houston students and faculty. However, The Lasso will also cover the Denton community through various features including, but not limited to, entertainment venues, food reviews, local artists and alumni success stories.

While we are focusing on always improving our media coverage for the university and the community, the staff and myself are also taking the publication in a new direction. This year, we will still publish once a week on our normal Wednesday schedule. About every 4th week will be devoted to fresh online content instead of a physical print issue of The Lasso. While both mediums are easily accessible, we acknowledge that the world of news media is constantly evolving. Therefore, we want to adapt to those changes accordingly by providing both the traditional print issue and the online content at our website

Apart from our transition to bringing more online content, we want to create more interaction between the students and our social media. We want you to stay connected with us since The Lasso is a newspaper run by and for the students. Get connected. Check out our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Leave us a comment about a story we’ve run in the paper. Share with your friends. Submit pictures of your experiences, whether you are a student, faculty or administrative member. Contribute to the conversation. By taking part in your student newspaper, you help us to understand what issues you, as readers, care about.

Finally, on the subject of getting involved, we encourage your input as students and faculty. If there’s an upcoming event, a feature on a interesting individual, or even a grievance that you have with our campus, send us a message via email or social media. We always welcome new story leads from our audience. We may not be able to cover all the stories TWU has to offer, but with your help, we can extend our reach further than ever this year.

As Editor-in-Chief for The Lasso, I hope everyone has a great start to the school year. Remember to stay connected with your classmates, professors, friends and your student-run newspaper. During this time that we navigate through the semester, may your experience here at TWU be as compelling and memorable for you as it has been for me.

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