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Intersectional art and entertainment in DFW

Whether feminism is your jam or you’re just looking to try something new, the following events may be for you. Each of these DFW happenings is centered on intersectional art and entertainment that fosters an environment rich with talent, inclusivity and empowerment.

Women of the World Poetry Slam

The annual Women of the World Poetry Slam (WOWPS) will be hosted in Dallas this year from March 15 to 18. This four-day tournament will be held at a variety of Dallas venues, with finals taking place at the Majestic Theatre. Poems featured at WOWPS often address topics of oppression, race, heritage, immigration, cultural appropriation, police brutality, trans identities, sexuality, sexual assault and consent, reproductive rights, eating disorders, mental illness, empowerment and countless other social justice issues. Click here to view performances from 2016 WOWPS poets. The full four-day schedule can be viewed here, and tickets can be purchased here.


Glitterbomb is Denton’s one and only queer variety show. The show goes down and clothes come off at 10:00 p.m. every Thursday on the sparkly stage of Mable Peabody’s Beauty Parlor and Chainsaw Repair. Each show sports its own unique theme (“My Little Stoney” and “[Cl]ass of 2016” being fine examples). According to the website, Glitterbomb features entertainers across the LGBTQ+ spectrum performing drag, burlesque, queerlesque, boylesque, and other -esques. Please note that first-time attendees may or may not be called to the stage for a warm welcome. For more information, visit the Glitterbomb website and Facebook page.

Neighborhood Cult Productions

Based in Fort Worth, Neighborhood Cult Productions has created a series of pop-up alternative art shows rooted in conceptualism, experimentation and an all-female perspective. The first two Neighborhood Cult shows, “Don’t Call Me Baby” and “Girl Gaze,” showcased dozens of local female artists, live music, food trucks, skateboarding ramps and more. According to the website, Neighborhood Cult has plenty more events in store. “Neon Art Show: A Futuristic Landscape” will feature neon glass work, installations, videography, and more, and will be housed at Shipping and Receiving Bar. “Art Crimes: A Series” will be the first of six secret guerilla and street art shows with unannounced locations. Dates have yet to be listed online. Those interested in attending can stay updated at the Neighborhood Cult  website and Facebook page.

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