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Hype can ruin Valentine’s Day

Lasso staffer offers her outlook on how to enjoy the holiday some hate

Sierra Taylor, Managing Editor

Managing Editor Sierra Taylor dresses up to celebrate Valentine's Day her own way.
Managing Editor Sierra Taylor dresses up to celebrate Valentine’s Day her own way.

For a girl who has to resist the urge to roll her eyes when the “L” word is brought up, I really love Valentine’s Day. Since elementary school days of stuffing paper mache hearts in decorated shoeboxes for my classmates, I have always looked forward to the holiday so many people seem to dread. While it is usually centered around showing your affection for your significant other, I love February 14th because it can be a day to express your love for whatever
you want.

Whether you have found your soulmate is your dog or the person you are dating, everyone deserves to celebrate the love they have.

The true loves of my life are my best friends. They have sat with me while I cried after a breakup, they do not judge me when  I lock my keys in my car, and they have let me crash on their couch for weeks. It’s my belief that friendships are one of the purest forms of love and thus deserve to be celebrated. Push away the stereotype of Valentine’s  Day being a purely boyfriend/girlfriend thing and buy your friends a card.

With everyone cuddled up next to his or her bae, it is hard to not feel left out.  Don’t let being single ruin the holiday. Go out with friends and spend the day having drinks and talking about your failed attempts at love. Try spending the day at home watching your favorite movie and cooking a wonderful meal for yourself.

I believe this is because of the holiday hype from romantics and Hallmark. The idea that the day has to be filled with flowers, candies and endless messages of love ruins it for the rest of us. So remember it is just a day and do not expect too much from your significant other. And a quick reminder to the people dating college students do not expect your bae to spend large amounts of money on you. They are eating ramen noodles too.

Valentine’s Day can be awkward for new couples. The first Valentine’s Day is a small milestone and can lead to a lot of uncertainty. Are we serious enough to celebrate? How much do we celebrate? Who plans it? My advice is to make a plan. If you are unsure if your boyfriend or girlfriend wants to celebrate, ask. You can set a price limit on gifts and even concrete plans.

The worst thing you can do is assume your significant other has a plan. That is how people end up disappointed and fighting by the end of the day.

If the day arrives and you are scrambling to gather a gift, simply make a card. Find a blank piece of paper, fold it in half, draw a heart on the front, open it up, write a sappy message and sign your name. It’s cheesy, but it makes a cute gesture no matter how long you’ve been together. Buy candy, flowers and diamonds as you see fit.

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