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Houston student organizes volunteer efforts

Houston Occupational Therapy major Seneca Wilson is doing great things in her graduate career. In addition to being a full-time student, Wilson also works at the Mentis Neuro Health.

Mentis Neuro Health is a rehabilitation organization with locations in Austin, San Antonio, Houston and El Paso as well as Stow, Ohio. Their mission statement is to “provide the highest level of neuro-rehabilitation to persons who have sustained an acquired brain injury or who are significantly challenged by neurological conditions that restrict mobility, social interaction, communication, employability and re-entry into their homes and communities.”

Wilson has been working at the clinic for almost two years, long before she got into OT school. For Wilson, it is rewarding to be able to help people who have the injuries or challenges that she has been learning about in the classroom and she feels proud of the work that she and the other staff do “We do a lot of great things with our residents in the community as they volunteer but the facility itself is providing rehab services for brain injury patients not quite ready to go home.”

Wilson loves what she does so much, she has brought in some of her fellow students as well. Her testimony and experience motivated several people to volunteer to help with patients. She states: “I have volunteered my time to bring students in my program to the facility to start a ceramics program and connect the patients with the community.” Ultimately It is Wilson’s goal to make sure.

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