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Halloween costumes

Katie Olson, Guest Writer

Growing up, Halloween was a tradition that brought anticipation. The chance to dress up in my mother’s homemade costumes as a gypsy or a scary witch always felt like a treat – no pun intended. However, alarmingly or not so alarmingly as adults, especially for women, our options of costumes seem to fall under the category of  “sexy.”

As a feminist, my belief is that if you feel comfortable with yourself, then there is nothing wrong with wearing a costume that shows off your best assets. We live in a world of free choice. But how do you approach selecting a costume that makes you feel comfortable in a society that objectifies women? 

According to the article “Not Asking for It: Approaching Sexism on Halloween,” reporter Matt Moore attributes to interviewee junior anthropology and women and gender studies major Sage Carson, “the issue is not the oversexualized costumes. The issue is the expectation for women to look good on Halloween, even sexy, and the way people react.”

You may be familiar with this experience of people’s reaction, otherwise referred to as catcalling. The experience isn’t limited to Halloween night, but it seems more visible this time of the year when you’re walking down the street to a costume party or even a show. 

With that in mind, my advice is to buck the system. You are your own individual, and you should not feel pressured to wear anything that makes you feel less than comfortable. Whether you decide to dress as a ‘sexy’ zombie or as Leslie Knope, you hold the power to dress as another individual for the night. Regardless of your decision, your costume is not an invitation to be harassed. Halloween should be a memorable experience no matter what age you are; you’re never too old to dress up.

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