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Girl Code comes to TWU campus

New York native and MTV's "Girl Code" cast member Carly Aquilino will visit TWU for CAB Comedy Night. (Photo courtesy of MTV)
New York native and MTV’s “Girl Code” cast member Carly Aquilino will visit TWU for CAB Comedy Night. (Photo courtesy of MTV)

Today, TWU’s Campus Activity Board is hosting “Comedy Night with Carly Aquilino” at 7 p.m. in Margo Jones Performance Hall. 

Aquilino is a stand-up comedian from New York,  is best known for her continuous appearance on MTV’s “Girl Code.”

CAB Public Relations Coordinator Bailey Whatley said: “She is a very relatable person. If you’ve ever seen MTV’s ‘Girl Code,’ she is hilarious, and everything she says is pretty relatable. So we, felt primarily for women, she would be a good choice to bring and showcase to our students.”

During the spring semester CAB brought Giuliana Rancic to speak on campus and decided to continue with the theme of women in media this semester.

Whatley stated: “Together as an e-board we tried to figure out who we want to bring to.”She said: “We wanted to bring someone bigger to draw more of a crowd. So from there, we decided we wanted to do someone from ‘Girl Code’ and we decided to go with Carly.”

According to Whatley, every year CAB goes to a conference where they connect with different agents and talent agencies to bring people like Aquilino and Rancic to campus.

Whatley said: “We hope to give the students a time where they can take a break from school to have a good time and enjoy the other side of going to college and being at TWU than just the academics portion of it.”.

Tickets are free for TWU students with their student ID and $10 for the public. They are available for pick up at the Center for Student Development located on the first floor of the Student Union.

Whatley told The Lasso on Monday: “So far we have had about 700 tickets picked up out of a thousand. We are still trying to get people there, but they seem excited so that makes us happy.”

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