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Freaks and Geeks: Smash Bros Tournament

If you’re into video games, you’ll love Freaks and Geeks. A gaming store filled with collector’s items including old consoles, game cartridges, early computers and some antique controllers, it really is a collector’s dream and the staff there really show it.


Every Wednesday, the store runs Super Smash Bros Four tournaments at the location. I’m not particularly into the competitive scene of Smash Bros, but I do enjoy the game. Most of the contestants were students around my age. These guys were already very familiar with each other.


Before the tournament actually starts, there are two TVs setup for players to challenge each other in friendly one on one matches. During this time, I found myself introducing myself to others and was excited to play a match and expected to do decently. I was really wrong.


The skill level of people at this tournament are much higher than anyone I’ve played with online or in person. They take the game to the next level. And frankly, I’m nowhere near there. I lost all my lives each match before even getting to take one from my opponents.


After registering your player name and paying the low $3 entry fee, each player is matched against another player for a 3-round game. The winner of 2 of those matches receives a win and moves up the bracket. The tournament is 2-round elimination, giving players like me a chance to get more practice before being eliminated.


For more information on Freaks and Geeks weekly Smash Bros tournament, visit the stores Facebook page. The staff member running the event was very friendly and ensured new guests would fit into the environment.

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