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France, What Are You Doing?

Considering France’s upcoming runoff election between Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen on May 7, I decided to write another letter from Lady Liberty to express my opinion about France’s situation.

My dearest France,

What on earth are you doing? It appears you’re not feeling well and that must be why you’re making strange decisions.

You presented your citizens with 11 candidates for president and you gave Le Pen, a far-right “firebrand” who thinks refugees and Muslims are the scourge of the Earth 21 percent of vote. Now the person going up against her in the runoff election is an inexperienced politician who only got three percent more votes than she did. 

I know France has struggled in the past with terrorist attacks and unrest because of unemployment, but the answer to your problems won’t come from the woman who is president of the National Front, a political party founded on anti-sematic and racist grounds that still live in the party today.

From this time leading up to the election on May 7, please be weary. Remember that French citizens and famous politicians denied that Le Pen would ever get this far. Many people have compared Le Pen to U.S. President Donald Trump, but adamantly denied that France would ever elect someone like him.

Please France, consider my advice. Surly you haven’t forgotten that I was once a part of you? Sure, it’s been 131 years, but I still remember the days I spent in my native country and I’ve been proud to see how you’ve developed into a nation welcoming of all people. But I have to say this phase you’re going through right now, (and I hope it’s a phase) isn’t that attractive. 


Your friend,

The Statue of Liberty

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