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Forgo Freshman 15

Self-discovery. Education. Parties. Late nights. Exams. Friends. Coffee. Junk food. Freshman 15.

These are all elements of an average first year in college. It may seem like part of the experience, but gaining the Freshman 15 can have dire consequences. 

Fit and Rec Supervisor of Fitness Programming Allison Meguro said: “Anytime that you are gaining unnecessary weight, it is not going to be good for your health. You will be more tired and less motivated.” 

1. Use the Fit and Rec The Fit and Rec is there to offer a wealth of resources to help you stay healthy. It is a great place to work out or attend a fun fitness class. There are also personal trainers who can help you on your journey. 

2. Get Outside – The Fit and Rec also offers amazing outdoor adventures like bike trips, hikes and more. Take advantage and sign up with your friends! Time outside will benefit your physical and emotional health. 

3. Intramurals – Intramurals are a great way to make new friends, have fun, and stay fit. There are many different sports you can play. 

4. Eat Healthier – Make better choices. You can choose healthier options at the places on campus. Pack healthy snacks like nuts or fruit to eat on the go. 

5. Drink more water Drink enough water! This will curb your appetite and help you stay focused. 

6. Take the stairs and walk – Parking is horrible right now. Bite the bullet and walk to class. Also, take the stairs when you can! 

7. Get involved – Don’t eat because you are bored. Occupy yourself with an amazing organization on campus, play Pokemon Go, or find a hobby! Don’t let eating junk food become your pastime. 

8. Use your freedom wisely – Freedom is great, but ensure that you are still looking out for yourself. You can have fun foods like ice cream and pizza, but as Supervisor of Recreational Sports Gabe Cruz reminds us: “the rule of thumb is; moderation, moderation, moderation.” 

9. Meal Prep – Prep your meals for the week. This can be helpful on a college budget because it is cheaper and more conducive to a healthy diet. 

10. Learn to cook – This is a useful skill for anyone to learn, plus, it’s fun! So, grab a buddy and learn how to cook a few healthy meals. 

Cruz says: “It’s just eating right and being active. Capitalize on something you like and make it a habit. Dedicate to a schedule and single out some time just for you.” Cruz emphasized that though college is a very busy time, it’s important that students dedicate time to take care of themselves. 

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