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Food Review: Pizza Snob

By: Johnna Headley, Reporter

StarsWalking into Pizza Snob, conveniently located two blocks from the Denton square, was like walking straight into a home designed by HGTV’s “Fixer Upper” host, Joanna Gaines. The rustic, industrial look was complete with decorative barn doors, wrought iron tables topped with reclaimed wood decorated with rosemary centerpieces, Edison light bulbs surrounded by glass jars and a copper bar holding the pizzas’s fresh ingredients – placed in glass bowls and surrounded by ice. Behind the bar, the wall is decorated with tools of the trade, a continuous roll of butcher paper which lists the specials of the day and a huge, brick oven. On the sound system a wide variety of good music was playing, though it was slightly too loud.

Pizza Snob uses fresh, top-shelf ingredients for their mouth watering oven-baked pizzas.
Pizza Snob uses fresh, top-shelf ingredients for their mouth watering oven-baked pizzas.

Pizza Snob customers can chose a special of the day or, resembling a Subway theme, create their own pizza. With perfectly shaped, thin circles of dough Pizza Snob chefs stand ready to assist customers in creating a pizza masterpiece with your choice of sauces like honey BBQ, California plum tomato or buttermilk Alfredo, choices of smoked Provolone and Mozzarella, red pepper Asiago, or Vermont cheddar cheeses, extremely fresh veggies and generous portions of protein. Pizza Snob also offers a build-your-own salad section and fresh kale. The bar finishes up with $5 draft craft beer like Revolver’s Blood & Honey and local brewery, Audacity’s Sunset along with choices of wine by the glass or bottle and at the soda fountain you can find Maine Root sodas. I tried the Ginger soda under the impression it would taste like Ginger Ale, however I was seriously mistaken, considering it tasted like the root Ginger – which my tastebuds did not agree with.

On my visit to Pizza Snob, two other co-workers accompanied me to try our hand at creating our own pizzas. One of us chose a California plum tomato sauce with Asiago and Vermont cheddar cheese topped with oven-roasted chicken, bacon and oven-roasted Idaho potatoes and tasted just like a loaded baked potato on a pizza. The other chose the smoked Provolone and Mozzarella cheeses topped with oven-roasted chicken and Idaho potatoes, bell peppers and jalapeños. On my pizza, I went for the buttermilk Alfredo sauce topped with smoked Provolone cheese and oven-roasted chicken.

With the different variations in sauces, cheeses and toppings, there was one thing all of the pizzas had in common – the ingredients were fresh, the portions were generous, and it was finger-licking good food! Baked in a Coppone brick oven at 600 degrees for just 90 seconds, our pizza was ready before we had receipt in hand, which was extremely convenient.

The prices for the personal pizzas, at $8.49, may be a little too expensive for a college student to eat by themselves. However, if you grab a friend and share a pizza, choosing Pizza Snob would certainly be wallet-friendly, and you will still leave happy and full.

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