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New life for homeless in Dallas

Dallas LIFE’s mission is to be “…a place where homeless men, women, and children can receive help and hope during their time of need,” according to their website. “Dallas LIFE is a path to recovery and self-sufficient living. Dallas LIFE is a promise that there is a way to begin again.”

Starting in 1949, founder Reverend Robert J. Key noticed the homeless population was growing. The Dallas Rescue Mission officially opened their doors in 1954 in a small storefront location on Commerce Street. This first location was just the start of something that would help out hundreds of people.

Changing their title from “The Dallas Rescue Mission” and “Lighthouse of Christian Love” to “Dallas LIFE”, the idea stayed the same: help those in need. Now in 2018, Dallas LIFE is a “fully thriving independent non-profit organization with a richly blessed history, Dallas LIFE is help and hope for all those we serve,” according to the website.

Dallas LIFE is not just a shelter for those who need a warm meal and a bed to sleep. There are multiple programs within Dallas LIFE that aim to better the lives of those needing help. Recovery programs are for those who struggle with living life independently. There are 10-month courses available for those with disabilities, seniors and veterans.

“Participants are guided to find independent life through structured courses, GED assistance, resume prep, job search assistance and more. 9 out of 10 residents graduate this program successful at getting a New Life,” the website says.

While visiting Dallas LIFE, there are services like computer school and GED certification. Residents are encouraged to check out the in-house computer center to help with communication between family and future employers.

Counseling and spiritual care is available for residents who need to “address their physical, emotional, and spiritual needs- and develop a healthy self-image, realistic perspective, and stable support system,” the website says. Participation is completely voluntary, and sessions are free of charge. Individual and group sessions are available for adults and play therapy for children.

Children and teens at Dallas LIFE are given the basic daily needs along with endless amounts of support.

“We surround children with a full support system so they are able to continue to grow and learn, go to school and church, have friends and participate in activities that are educational enriching and fun,” according to the website.

 Dallas LIFE is always welcoming new volunteers and donations.

“Their tireless service helps our care for the needy reach beyond what we could ever achieve on our own,” the website says.

Dallas LIFE is located at 1100 Cadiz Street, Dallas, TX 75215. For more information, contact Dallas LIFE at (214) 421-1380 and at For volunteer opportunities, visit the website

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  1. Anyhony C Keene Anyhony C Keene July 8, 2021

    I am now .. Coming to Dallas, Texas
    starting a new life. I need help with starting my SSDI check back coming to me. Help with going to . Department social services.. Getting a bed at the Shelter until I can get
    a place ,,finding private residence.
    Starting life all over… I’m very Spiritual , know and understand the Word of God. Learning and practicing the Ways of God..
    Which has made me rich.. Even tho I have nothing..

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