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Dallas brings art to life

The city of Dallas is constantly updating and introducing new art from all genres, the more groundbreaking the better. Futuristic displays cover the walls of some of Dallas’s most historic buildings in the art district, and trendy experience art has caught on as well in the metroplex.

Located along Flora street, the Dallas art district presents in art pieces inspired by pop culture andancient history. Visitors can walk (for free) along acres of park land, with options along the way for any kind of art lover. Peruse a gallery with the latest in Afrofuturism, then go see Renoirs and American silver at the Dallas art museum for a full spectrum of human creativity.

Wear the right shoes because a pedestrian trek could involve covering the 70 acre art district while seeing some of the most notable attractions:

  • Dallas Museum of Art
  • Nasher Sculpture Center
  • Crow Collection of Asian Art

Many things in the district are free, like the park, the museum, most galleries and movies on the grass, but if for a fee, AT&T cycles through plays, dances, ballets, shows, concerts, and circuses all year round. It’s impossible to tour the district without noticing the massive architectural jungle known as the AT&T Dallas performing Arts Center. More than 30 years of planning went into the construction of the building by three world renowned architects, Joshua Prince Ramus, Norman Foster and Spencer de Gra.

For a quieter and less crowded theater experience, the Dallas Theater Center is a small but respected stage that features westerns and Shakespeare. The Dallas Theater Center is a Frank Lloyd Wright Building.

The latest trend, immersive experience art, has come to Dallas. Exhibits like Meowulf, escape rooms and IMAX theaters all aim to make art more real to the viewer. For a blur between imagination and reality, look no further than Rainbow Vomit, a comic book house come to life. The walls create the illusion of a drawn world and make trippy backgrounds in photos. Check out Rainbow Vomit’s Instagram page for more information.

Taste the art in the Sweet Tooth Hotel. The sweets, pastries, and chocolates at the Sweet Tooth Hotel go with the theme of each room, so jump head in to the dippin’ dots fantasy world.

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