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Donald Trump is losing it

On Wed. Oct. 19, U.S citizens were subjected to watching the horror of another debate – the failure of Republican nominee Donald Trump’s upbringing and Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s recaps of misquoted statements from paid-for speeches.

One of the things to catch my eye were statements made on gun laws and each of the candidates’ position on them. Trump kept bringing up Chicago to show that gun laws do nothing to prevent or stop crime as there has been a major increase in crime in the past year, “In Chicago, which has the toughest gun laws in the United States, probably you could say by far, they have more gun violence than any other city. So we have the toughest laws, and you have tremendous gun violence.”

It is not wise to simply remove a law because it does not work. If the laws are so strict and do not work then there is no issue with the law, there is an issue with the institution surrounding the law.

A controversial comparison is the death of Eric Garner, who died from being put into a chokehold by an officer. The NYPD banned chokeholds in 1993; however, the ban not being upheld in this case does not make a valid argument to remove the law entirely because it is not being followed. It makes the argument that officers should be better trained in how to restrain suspects without killing them.

Instead we should make the move to fix the surrounding institution of the gun laws, such as who has availability and how to close loopholes in purchasing guns. Its is hard to remove guns already on the street but should be removed from suspects when used in a violent act resulting in a crime like those in Chicago.

This is exactly what Secretary Clinton wants. In the debate she said: “And so when I think about what we need to do, we have 33,000 people a year who die from guns. I think we need comprehensive background checks, need to close the online loophole, close the gun show loophole. There’s other matters that I think are sensible that are the kind of reforms that would make a difference that are not in any way conflicting with the Second Amendment.”

In this topic Hillary made it clear that she had a direct plan to improve the institution around gun laws in the nation, while not preventing people their constitutional right to own guns. Such as laws that prevent voting based off mental standing and felony charges, laws should exist to prevent the wrongful purchase of arms with prejudice.

Currently shootings in Chicago are up 528 incidents, last year there were 2,988 shootings compared to this year’s 3,516. It is the institution that needs work not the laws already in place.

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