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A look at Trump’s controversial cabinet picks

What people like and don't like about the President-elect's appointments Citizens across the U.S. have been divided about President Elect Donald Trump’s picks for his White House Cabinet. Depending on the selection folks have either been delighted or disgruntled. To keep you up to date The Lasso will be breaking down

TWU students attend rally in Dallas following Election Day

 On Nov. 9, three TWU students attended an anti-Trump rally located at AT&T Plaza at Victory Park, Dallas. Registrar Student Assistants senior Nutrition and Biology majors Jessica Dominguez and Wendy Guzman-Santos and Chemistry and Biochemistry Department Student Assistant Kimberly Gonzalez travelled together from Denton to attend. Dominguez shared that Gonzalez

Rude or not, booing is free speech.

On Friday night, Vice-President-elect Mike Pence attended the Broadway show “Hamilton” where he was met with mixed reactions from the audience. Upon entering the theater, Pence was received with a mix of booing and applause. However, the audience continued to keep booing him throughout the play after certain songs ended. After

TWU students say love trumps hate at Tuesday campus rally

Chants rang out from three hundred voices on the evening of Nov. 15. As they marched across campus, anti-Trump protesters chanted: “The people, united, will never be divided!” The rally against the president-elect convened at the TWU amphitheater, where protesters shared their fears both as, and for, immigrants, people of color,

Donald Trump wins U.S. presidency

With 279 Electoral College votes, Trump won the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election and will be inaugurated on Jan. 20. During early voting, the American population headed off to the polls to cast their ballot for the presidential race. Commentary and predictions began early Tuesday with the Upshot Presidential Forecast putting former

Donald Trump is losing it

On Wed. Oct. 19, U.S citizens were subjected to watching the horror of another debate – the failure of Republican nominee Donald Trump’s upbringing and Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s recaps of misquoted statements from paid-for speeches. One of the things to catch my eye were statements made on gun

Nobody Won

On Sun., Oct. 9, the nation of America looked upon the presidential debate with cringing hearts and hopeful or hopeless eyes. I, myself, was face-palming multiple times as Hillary Clinton twisted answers to promote herself and Donald Trump showcased his A+ childlike behavior, while he was arguing with the moderators,

The Corridors

Recently, nominees Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump concluded their first Presidential Debate where supporters and undecided voters could watch the presidential nominees discuss their views against each other. The 90 minute segment was split into three sections where each candidate was given 2 minutes to answer their directed question. Moderator and

Trump vs. Clinton: Round 1

On Sept. 26 the first 2016 presidential debate took place at Hofstra University in Long Island, New York. The 90 minute debate was split into 3 sections: Achieving Prosperity, America’s Direction and Securing America. Republican candidate Donald Trump and Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton each had 2 minutes to answer questions asked