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Diamond on the Shelf: Heist Society

If you’re like me, thriller/mystery novels are a favorite of yours. I have always been a curious and imaginative person and that reveals itself in the books that I have read. One novel in particular that I like is “Heist Society.” A story of thieves, love, family, and suspense, it is a great read for spring break vacation.

“Heist Society” is the sixth novel by author Ally Carter, whose other titles include the “Gallagher Girls” series (another favorite of mine) and “All Fall Down.” The main character, Katarina Bishop, comes from a family of thieves, and not just any thieves, but some of the best in the business. She eventually pulled a con all on her own and left the family business to attend the best boarding school in the country and leave her past behind her. Unfortunately for her, it is hard to escape the life as her old friend Hale appears out of no-where to bring her back. A powerful mobster has been robbed and Kat’s father is the main suspect. What follows is a fun adventure for Kat, Hale, and the teenage crew they assemble to steal back the art collection and prove her father’s innocence all in a matter of two weeks to pull off the biggest heist in her family’s history. “Heist Society” is a fun book about familial loyalty and the desires for one’s own life. It’s a great read for someone who is looking for a thriller/mystery, romance novel. The relationship between Katarina and Hale is super cute as not only are they best friends and engage in sarcastic and playful banter back and forth, they secretly like each other (or not so secretly in Hale’s case). Each of the other members of Kat’s crew are compelling in their own right – Gabrielle, Simon and the Bagshaw brothers – and add humor and drama to the story.

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