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Diamond on the Shelf

While science-fiction is not my favorite type of literature, I am fascinated by what worlds authors can create for that genre. There is something captivating about imagining a different world and some authors do a fantastic job of creating a futuristic society. One such story is “Academy 7.” Filled with romance, action and suspense, this novel is one you don’t want to miss.

Written by Anne Osterlund, “Academy 7” is a tale of two completely different people: Aerin Renning, a scarred fugitive searching for a better life, and Dane Madousin, a self-destructive rebel driven by revenge. Both are top students at Academy 7, one of the most exclusive schools in the universe. At the beginning of the story, they can’t stand each other. As the story progresses, they start to form an unexpected, yet strong friendship which is soon followed by romance. However, dangerous secrets are hidden by both and they have to work together to strip away their inner barriers and pass the true challenge of Academy 7.

I loved the writing style and plot of the novel. It’s not too fast, nor is it too slow. Both Aerin and Dane change and grow and learn to trust one another throughout the course of the novel. Witnessing their growth and development and how they deal with triumphs and failures is pretty interesting. I love couples who kind of hate each other in the beginning and then grow closer because it allows for both their development as individuals and as a couple. I love each of the main characters equally – Aerin for her strong convictions (forged by her past) and her personal need to make a better life for herself just as much as I love Dane’s struggles with standing up to his family and actually doing what he wants to do in life. These two lonely souls are a perfect match for each other.

As of right now, the novel is a stand alone, but Anne Osterlund could easily continue certain interesting story lines. The focus of the story is on Aerin and Dane, however their uniquely intertwined family heritages and secrets of their past are also great storylines. The universe of the Alliance is one fraught with internal tensions and political complications and the characters are forced to make choices that affect everyone around them. The book is great for both people who love sci-fi novels and people who are wanting to try out the genre for themselves. If you have any books suggestions, feel free to email The Lasso and let us know about the books you enjoy!

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