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“Girls in the Game” here to empower girls

Have you heard the latest from the girls in Denton High? For the past two years, they’ve had the opportunity to participate in a non-profit sports organization that focuses on “the whole girl” called Girls in the Game. The program exposes girls to more than 40 different sports and focuses

Race for Texas Senator tightens

The last day to register to vote is Oct. 9, and the upcoming election on Nov. 6 promises to be a close and important race for Texas candidates running for U.S. Senator. Senator Ted Cruz is rerunning for his position, but is challenged by congressman Beto O’Rourke, who has risen

Back to budgeting basics

Budgeting is not about catching good deals at stores, but it is about how to save money. Sometimes I think a review on basics can do us good, no matter where our finances are. I recommend laying out your bills each month up against your income so you can see what

Recognize the signs: World Alzheimer’s Month

September marks the seventh annual World Alzheimer’s Month, a global campaign aimed at destigmatizing dementia, raising awareness and combating misinformation about the disease. Coordinated by Alzheimer’s Disease International, the Alzheimer’s Month campaign launched in 2012 and includes Alzheimer’s day, which is held Sept. 21. Though the campaign is London-based, its

National Suicide Prevention Week

As of 2018, suicide is the 10th leading cause of death across all ages in the United States, and it is the 2nd leading cause of death globally for ages 15-24, according to Sept. 9-15 is National Suicide Prevention Week. This week is aimed at helping people around the nation

Waterloo Music Festival rocks Austin

  On Sep 7, Carson Creek Ranch is hosting a three-day independent music festival in Austin, Texas for the first time. The Waterloo Music Festival is a music, food, and camping event that seeks to set itself apart in the infamous Austin concert scene. Attendees will camp out on the 58-acre ranch

Get back in the grind

Outdoor Adventures Each year, the TWU Fitness and Recreation Center hosts multiple outdoor adventures that are open to students and range from kayaking, hiking, caving and horseback riding. This semester, there will be seven trips available that will cost between $10 and $40 per student. Each student must pre-register to

College Coffee Culture Hurts Students’ Sleep

It’s that time of the year. Projects due dates are nearing, and finals season is just around the corner. It’s time to take a serious look at what fuels us for the last grueling stretch of academia and what hurts us. As most college students know, caffeine is a must to get through those late nights of finishing up semester projects,

Run for endorphins

Endorphins are the feel-good neurotransmitters in the brain, meaning they literally make us feel good. Stress and pain are the negative factors that lead to the release of endorphins. Exercise, however, combats stress by the release of endorphins. Not only does it help you physically, but also mentally and emotionally.   Mayo Clinic explains

Country Bar-Star

20-year old Mason Lively is making tremendous strides as a young musician in country music. After his single “Lonely Comes Back Around” came out on March 2, the anticipation of his album, “Stronger Ties,” was met on the day of its release, Friday, April 6. At the age of 14, he

Peruse Local Producers at the Denton Community Market

This April marks the eighth year of Denton’s beloved Denton Community Market. Two years after they opened, the Market had a showing of less than 20 vendors, but has grown tremendously since then. This season is in full swing for over 100 local farmers and vendors from the Denton area.

Beating the “Spring Slump”

The end of the semester is nearing, and so is the end of students’ and professors’ academic motivation. Spring tends to be the hardest part of the year to get past when it comes to academia because everyone can see summer just peeking around the corner. With the end so

Baaamaste your stress away

“Yoga is an ever-evolving practice,” according to Clever Yoga. Yoga is constantly changing, evolving and adding new moves or props to the exercise. One of the new trends in the yoga community is goat yoga, where you take to the mat with goats roaming around you or even jumping on

TWU’s Academic Success Lecture

As the world moves deeper into the technological age, the education system is being forced to adapt and incorporate teaching technologies into the classroom; With technology being another essential tool in the educational battlefield, using technology to its potential is required to move forward and up, and with the help of

Spring with a splash: Denton ISD FFA Color Run

Start off this spring with a splash of color at the Denton ISD FFA Color Run this Sat., April 7. With check-in starting at 8 a.m. and the run at 9 a.m., the 3rd annual fun run will be held at the Sarah and Troy Lagrone Advanced Technology Complex. Directions