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One thought on “Let’s not just talk about sex

  1. This issue is disgusting & heartbreaking! God Bless you people & thank you for your compassion & energy in taking action for the victims . I’m sure there are many victims that blame themselves for accepting certain “promises” from “snaky”, conniving predators, but thank God you and such organizations are there to interrupt that mindset & encourage and empower them differently. I live in a town of 250,000 population with a well known University & I have never felt so naive & blind when I found out human trafficking was going on right here in my hometown! I felt so sickened & startled!!! I just thought that kind of action only went on in more poverty-stricken areas or the larger cities! Again, God Bless you & thank you for all you do, have done, & will do in the future for this devastating trend.

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