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On-campus orgs. essential part of college experience

Joining a club will enrich and add fun to your time at a university

Sierra Taylor, Managing Editor

The learning experience in college goes beyond the walls of a class room.

Joining clubs on campus is the perfect way for students to pursue old interests and to discover new interests. For some, it might be the sheer thought of having to get out and meet new people that drives them to join clubs. Sadly, many students pass up the opportunity to be more involved and miss the chance of the full college experience.

College is already time-consuming while trying to juggle classes, papers and a social life. Why would you want to add more to your plate by joining a club? Your time in college is meant for you to explore who you are, being involved in a group could help you find your own path. Here are a few reasons why joining an on-campus activity will add to your experience.

Whether you are a first-year or a senior, getting involved allows you to become more connected to your university. When you are involved with the community on a campus, it allows you to feel a part of something bigger than yourself and have something to focus on besides classes.

You are able to interact with students, faculty and staff that you might not had the opportunity to other wise.

Leaving home is hard, so being around new friends who share the same beliefs or interests as you might help ease the transition. Whether it is a religion or a sport, finding a group with other people who enjoy your favorite things might be just what makes you feel at home on campus.

On the other hand, a large part of the college experience is meeting new people. Dealing with and understanding different perspectives helps you become a well-rounded individual. The community of a college campus is full of interesting and diverse people. Any club you join will help you add an array of people to your  circle of friends.

Joining a club gives you an opportunity to find new interest. The passions you find in college will follow you throughout your life. Whether you find a new hobby or the right career path, being involved can stem many new possibilities for you. You might be able to explore majors before fully committing to something for the rest of your college career. Organizations encourage growth as a person, and you might even increase your self-esteem and social skills. Being involved in on-campus groups offer up leadership roles and it allows you to take on different kinds of responsibilities.

Even though this should not be your main reason for joining a club, being involved in on-campus organizations look great on your resume. They might even be a point of discussion that future employers would bring up in an interview.

Being involved can benefit your time as a college student, but finding a balance might be difficult. While being a member of more than one group is fine, being involved in everything might be too much. Find a few clubs that you enjoy, but make sure to not lose track and focus on your grades. Remember that school is important while trying to have a good time.

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