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Campus Construction will Benefit Future Pioneers

JohnnaLooking ahead at the next few years, TWU has several plans in the works to increase the number of structures on campus. Some of the new structures include a parking garage on the west side of campus, two dormitory towers, a health sciences building, as well as the expansion and renovation of Hubbard Hall to become the new student union.

Several complaints have been voiced by current TWU students who have been affected by the budget plan for these new structures. As a majority of the funds come in the form of grant money, there are additional costs that need to be accounted for. By raising student tuition and fees as an additional fund source, TWU will be able to make these plans a reality.

I admit that though I don’t have the specific breakdown of what projects will be partially funded with the increased tuition and fee money, I do have a positive outlook on these plans that will expand the opportunity of excellence at our university overall. I want to share with you those reasons in a hope for you to think about it from a different perspective.

I have talked to many students who partially chose to attend TWU because previous family members are alumni and had good experiences at our university. If this is the case for you too, think about how campus may have looked twenty or thirty years ago. Now think about future family members who may choose to attend TWU in the future. For me, the construction and expansion plans are very exciting because I think about how future Pioneers will benefit from them. Even though I will be graduating next May and these constructions perhaps won’t benefit me directly, I like to think forward to the additional opportunities those who will come after us will have.

In the grand scheme of things, tuition and fees here at TWU are much lower than other four-year universities in Texas, and polls show the degrees from our institution tend to have a better ‘bang for your buck.’ With this in mind, an increase of $30 a credit hour, or so, will still have TWU on the lower end of the average cost to attend a public university in Texas.

So, before ragging on our university for their attempts to better our beloved campus, think forward to those who will benefit from our contributions.

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