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‘Axe Cop’ revolutionizes Fox’s animation

Ramblings of a child’s mind turned into a fast-hitting TV show

Emily Nickles, Editor-in-Chief

860409_274532456013904_2048280015_oImagine being a kid again; free time, recess, and all the tools for expression. Axe Cop is the full on action story that only a child can dream of.

Despite the plot holes, complete lack of logic, random storylines and potty humor, it is the most genuine representation of a youthful mind in mainstream media. The “Axe Cop” television show first launched in April of 2015 on Fox networks Animation Domination Hi-Definition (ADHD).

The show was picked up by Fox after the successful comic strips by Ethan and Malachai Nicolle gathered a steady following. Ethan, 29 at the time, was visiting family when genius struck. Five-year-old Malachai was telling his brother a story and Ethan began to sketch it out. Bam. Perfection was made. Having a comic book artist for a brother turned out to be pretty cool, and Ethan has been working (and listening) with Malachai ever since.

Despite the lucrative and often dishonest nature of television show production, the storyline is still filled with the artful and eccentric tales that you might expect an elementary school kid to come up with. Axe Cop fights bad guys with his special powers along with a team of other “heroes,” his best mate being Flute Cop, who also has special powers.

maxresdefaultThe beautiful thing about this show is that it is honest. I do not doubt that a child could come up with the plots, even though Ethan and a team of other writers are the main guys who work on the script. It becomes a commentary on social and cultural norms and influences on the typical American kid’s experience growing up.

Even though you can easily get lost in the jokes and ridiculousness of the whole premise of the show, looking deeper causes the watcher to think about why kids think about or say certain things, and ultimately how adults influence a child’s perception of reality. I personally cannot stop thinking about it. It causes me to reflect on my relationships with my own siblings and how their love for telling stories comes from a greater cultural tradition.

Axe Cop can be watched for surface level enjoyment and for easy laughter, or at a level of deeper reflection. Overall, I give this show a 4.5 rating for its excellent, yet simplified animation, humorous storyline and meaningful background. Great job, Nicolle brothers.

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