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Breaking the Pattern

Big bows and pigtails, Frilly dresses and pink everywhere. Told to not say this or don’t do that, To sit straight and talk soft. To not curse and to stay neat. Dainty and polite is what is expected, Loud-spoken and boyish is not an option. Boy shorts and tank tops were not accepted, Clean shoes and brushed hair

The Continuing Struggle for Net Neutrality

Net Neutrality: What Is It? Although the term net neutrality is one that has only recently become known to the masses, net neutrality and the battle for an open internet has been around since the early 2000s. Net neutrality can best be described as the facilitation of an open and free

TWU leads way in new scientific pedagogy

This past Friday, TWU hosted the SENCER Center for Innovation Southwest Spring Regional Symposium. Science Education for New Civic Engagements and Responsibilities (SENCER), was developed from a grant application and has been continually funded by the National Science Foundation for 18 years. The goal has been to implement new pedagogical techniques

TWU-UNT joint social work masters program has bright future

An Introduction to Social Work Some individuals think of social work as going into houses and taking people’s children away; however, this could not be further from the truth. TWU, with the help of UNT, has a new masters of social work (MSW) program that is leading the way in North

Diversity develops with annual diversity institute

As TWU students prepare to graduate and become contributing members of society, the need for them to refine attributes and skills that will make them successful individuals becomes crucial to their success, and TWU’s Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) is helping TWU students get closer to their personal and professional

Delta Phi Delta bonds students through art, community

Delta Phi Delta is the art honor society on TWU’s campus, and its members are so passionate about their 30-year-old organization they have continued on despite the disbanding of the National A Honor Society.  The society accepts both art majors and minors with qualifying 3.0 GPAs. Which focuses on fundraising and

Memory, Mind, Matter: Public Art of Eduardo Chillida in Focus

Twentieth-century Spanish sculptor Eduardo Chillida was a major sculptor of the international “post-war art movement,” according to the Meadows Museum of Dallas website. states that “his large abstract works are considered to be his most famous works, and they are are displayed in several cities around the world.” The Meadows

SGA President leads on and off campus

The president of the Student Government Association, Kristopher Johnson, is a student after TWU’s own heart.  Johnson has made every effort to serve the TWU student body the best way he can, and with the title of SGA President and 2017’s Emerging Leader of the Year under his belt, one

15-year-old excels during first year

First-year Haley Taylor Schlitz probably doesn’t look like anyone out of the ordinary to her classmates at TWU. Only a few unique details set Schlitz apart, but those details are remarkable. For one, she is just 15 years old, and if that information isn’t surprising enough, she isn’t really a first

Student Becomes the Teacher

Recent graduate Cindy Moore stepped right out of the student’s desk and sat down behind the teacher’s desk; After graduating in December from TWU, Moore started teaching at Jacquet Middle School as an art teacher. Moore explained that she received the National Art Education Association Preservice Higher Achievement Award. This award

TWU celebrates Black History Month

Black History Month is a time of remembrance for those of color. It’s a time to remember those who suffered and those who fought for what is right. Each February African Americans are celebrated for all the achievements that have been accomplished. It wasn’t until 1915, 50 years after the 13th

The Rise of Cryptocurrency

  Cryptocurrency: A new way to pay Although there have been many advances, it is the popularization of digital currency that is taking the world into the future of finance, and since money rules the world, this is a topic that all people should be aware of. What is cryptocurrency Cryptocurrency refers to a

Smarter Not Harder

When it comes down to it, everyone has to study if they want to be successful. Yes, some are naturally smart or test better than others, but to be truly successful, you have to study and have an established method specific to your strengths and needs. Space it out   Typically,

Career Advice and a Slice

Throughout January and February, the Career Connections Center will be holding multiple ‘Career Advice and a Slice’ events. Students can explore career opportunities with professionals and potential employers in a causal atmosphere. One or two representatives from a particular organization will be set up at individual tables, and groups of