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Breaking the Pattern

Big bows and pigtails,

Frilly dresses and pink everywhere.

Told to not say this or don’t do that,

To sit straight and talk soft.

To not curse and to stay neat.

Dainty and polite is what is expected,

Loud-spoken and boyish is not an option.

Boy shorts and tank tops were not accepted,

Clean shoes and brushed hair was important.

That was then, this is now,

No bows and more messy buns.

Less pink and more skin,

Dirty vans and unbrushed hair.

Foul mouth with harsh words.

I’m no less woman,

I’m no less female.

I have boyish traits,

But that’s who I am.

Pink or blue, boy or girl

Be true to you.

Don’t follow the pattern,

Bliss comes from within,

Not from what’s typical.


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