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SGA President leads on and off campus

The president of the Student Government Association, Kristopher Johnson, is a student after TWU’s own heart.  Johnson has made every effort to serve the TWU student body the best way he can, and with the title of SGA President and 2017’s Emerging Leader of the Year under his belt, one could say he has done an excellent job.

There is no question as to why Johnson received the Emerging Leader of the Year award in 2017 when you look at his achievements and desires for himself as he pushes forward in his education. As a Marketing major, Johnson hopes to one day run his own consulting firm and act as the CEO. Before that happens, however, Johnson plans on attending a law school after graduation. His ideal pick of law schools would be University of Southern California. Clearly, Johnson is no small dreamer.

Not only does Johnson have strong ambitions for himself, but for the student body as well. As the president of the SGA, he has high hopes for what student government is going to accomplish for the students of TWU. Johnson said SGA is currently working to make sure DACA students are taken care of at TWU and that SGA is doing its best to make DACA students feel that they are supported by the university. When asked what else he hopes to accomplish in SGA as the president, Johnson replied with the utmost confidence, “I think that my job has already been accomplished.” He feels he has led the SGA to connect with the university organizations across campus and advocate for the student body.

Being the president of the SGA is no small feat, but Johnson has been enjoying his time of leadership. “Connecting with the student body has been my favorite part,” said Johnson. He said he has gotten a lot first- year students coming up to him because they recognize him as the SGA president and want to know what it’s like being a male president on a mainly female campus. Johnson said that being the SGA president gives him a platform to talk to students about how anybody can become a leader and be the president of the SGA. “Being a beacon for students has been my favorite part of this job,” said Johnson. He has loved being able to inspire students through SGA. “It’s a responsibility,” he said, “but if I could go back all over, I’d do it again.”

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