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TWU-UNT joint social work masters program has bright future

An Introduction to Social Work

Some individuals think of social work as going into houses and taking people’s children away; however, this could not be further from the truth. TWU, with the help of UNT, has a new masters of social work (MSW) program that is leading the way in North Texas in terms of social work education.

Social work is a very broad field, and individuals trained as social workers can be found in many different roles and settings that span across several professional sectors. Individuals find it difficult to describe what social work is because it encompasses so many professional possibilities; social workers can be found in schools, hospitals and clinics, the justice system, government agencies and recently even the private sector.

As of 2016 the United States Department of Labor Statistics predicted a 16% growth in the social work field, which is a rate of growth that surpasses the average growth of the majority of other professions.

TWU-UNT Joint Program

For years, both TWU and UNT have had long standing, highly respected social work programs at the bachelors level (BSW); however, social workers and educators in our community realized the need for an MSW program in Denton. Mark Sandel, director of TWU’s social work program, was one of the individuals who saw the necessity of such a program in the growing community; “Denton county has over 700,000 residents and not a single MSW program…the demand far exceeded capacity,” said Sandel, and so the TWU-UNT joint program was born.

So What’s the Big Deal?

Although the program is not the first MSW program in Texas, the TWU-UNT joint MSW program is the first program that was created out of a equal partnership between two institutions.

Unlike other programs TWU offers with other colleges, in which one school has more control than the other, the joint MSW program is completely equal—with TWU and UNT equally sharing the cost, revenue, and administration of the program.

Through the TWU-UNT joint MSW program, those accepted will be students of both universities and will be able to take advantages of privileges at both institutions. Even parking, which Sandel says was the most difficult part, was worked out between TWU and UNT, and students will be able to park at both campuses.

All in all, the joint program functions as a stand-alone program and does not solely belong to UNT or TWU. Students will attend classes at both universities, Thursdays at UNT and Fridays at TWU, and upon graduation will receive a diploma issued by both institutions.

Program Requirements and Information

The TWU-UNT joint program will offer two different tracks for students; one track will be suited for undergraduates who did not graduate with a BSW (four semesters long with a total of 60 hours), and a second track will be suited for BSW students and will be two semesters long with a total of 30 hours.Per certification guidelines, the TWU-UNT joint MSW program will feature a specialization in advance generalist training in hopes of preparing individuals for placement in a diverse range of positions and settings.

The joint program’s only requirements are that applicants hold a bachelor’s degree from an accredited university and at least a 3.0 grade point average, although some exceptions may be granted. Applicants should first fill out the program application, which can be found online and free of cost, and if granted eligibility, will then fill out an ApplyTexas graduate school application.

Fall 2018

The TWU-UNT joint MSW program is now accepting students for Fall 2018 and is encouraging alumni and individuals who will graduate this upcoming May and August to apply. Students who have not yet graduated are especially encouraged to apply, no matter the undergrad program, and if accepted will be offered conditional status for 2018.

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