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Delta Phi Delta bonds students through art, community

Delta Phi Delta is the art honor society on TWU’s campus, and its members are so passionate about their 30-year-old organization they have continued on despite the disbanding of the National A Honor Society. 

The society accepts both art majors and minors with qualifying 3.0 GPAs. Which focuses on fundraising and community involvement, including gallery walks and volunteering at the Greater Denton Arts Council. Currently, Delta Phi Delta is organizing a fundraiser for a scholarship it hopes to name in honor of outgoing adviser Dr. John Calabrese.   

Senior drawing and painting major Vannessa Kantaphone has been president of Delta Phi Delta for two years, and she strives to foster an inclusive environment that makes members feel welcome and valued. Kantaphone surrounds herself in her studio with her art and her loved ones, which are often one and the same. She is considering continuing her education with either a master’s in art or education, and she cultivates her love for both into her leadership at Delta Phi Delta. 

There is a palpable sense of community within Delta Phi Delta, and its members were eager to join Kantaphone in expressing their excitement for the organization. 

“It [Delta Phi Delta] definitely helps out with meeting new people and getting more opportunities to explore the Denton area . . . whenever we do our art tours and we go out and get together and see the galleries, it gives me a chance to learn more about this particular area and be introduced to new arts,” said senior Erin Woika.

Its members agree: to them, Delta Phi Delta is a family. Being an art major isn’t just about painting. The art department is home to painters, photographers, sculptors and graphic designers among others. Delta Phi Delta, brings together the entire TWU art department with its shared passion for art and community.

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