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Woman hits police car, says she ‘won’t leave without a cigarette’ during winter storms, report says

This blotter covers Feb. 15-26.

A woman who was standing in the roadway on Oakland Street screaming and arguing with passerby during Winter Storm Uri hit a police vehicle and told officers she would not leave without a cigarette, according to a report. 

Campus police officers called to a disturbance in the 1000 block of Oakland around 9 p.m. Feb. 15 were stopped by another officer who said he was driving north on Oakland when a woman standing in the street screaming hit his car with her hand. Responding officers saw a pile of belongings in the road and heard yelling coming from the east side of the Fine Arts Building. A 45-year-old woman was arguing with unidentified people on the sidewalk and told police when they approached she needed a cigarette, according to the report. 

When officers told the woman to gather her belongings from the roadway and leave the area, she told them she would not leave without a cigarette, according to the report. Police said the woman was placed in handcuffs after refusing multiple times to leave and began complaining her hand was broken but refused medical treatment when EMS arrived. 

Officers drove her to the warming center at MLK Jr. Recreation Center, where she was released without incident, according to the report. No charges were filed. 

1200 Frame St. — A black TWU employee said his white supervisor pushed him during a racially motivated altercation Feb. 24, according to a report. 

The employee called campus police around 8:06 a.m. to report what he said was an assault by his supervisor around 3:50 a.m. The man said he was waiting in line to clock in at the Facilities Management building and maintaining social distancing guidelines when his supervisor, a white female, began yelling at him for not moving forward and told him to come into her office. He told police she continued yelling at him and physically blocked him from leaving her office with her arm, which she pushed against his chest when he attempted to leave.

The employee called his department manager who did not answer and, after another staff member told the supervisor to let him leave, he returned home and called his direct supervisor, who advised him to return to work. He told police he believed the altercation was the result of a “race issue” and wanted to press charges. 

Officers spoke with the man’s supervisor, who told police she had spoken with him the day before about using the available computers to clock in when it was time for his shift to begin. The woman said she called him into her office along with another staff member, a Hispanic female, as a witness, according to the report. 

The supervisor told police the man kept interrupting her and accused her of blocking him from leaving when she leaned against the door frame. She said he did not give her time to move and pushed her, according to the report. The other staff member confirmed the supervisor’s report and said the supervisor did not touch the male employee. 

Both women provided written statements and campus police reported the incident to TWU’s Title IX office. 

Smith-Carroll Hall — A Lowry Woods resident reported her bicycle and lock stolen from a bike rack outside her campus apartment the night of Feb. 21, according to a report. 

The 21-year-old resident called campus police to report the missing bike, which she said she last on the bike rack the morning prior. No one had access to the bike lock key, she told police. 

The bike is silver with blue lettering and is valued at around $200. The woman said she does not want to press charges, according to the report. 

Response activity – TWU’s Department of Public Safety responded to 205 dispatched and officer-initiated calls between Feb. 15 and Feb. 26. 

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