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Blotter: Multiple threats made towards students

Lowry Woods- During his patrol rounds, an officer smelled the scent of marijuana from a vehicle that had a driver and a passenger inside the car with the windows down on Oct. 12. After approaching the vehicle and questioning the individuals, the occupants admitted to possessing marijuana and proceeded to hand it over. The owner of the marijuana admitted that it belonged to him and was issued a city of Denton citation for possession of drug paraphernalia and trespassing on campus.

Stark Hall- A student in Stark Hall reported that several of her belongings in her dorm room were damaged. The student does not know who did this and does not want to press any charges. She was given information on how to make small claims if she wants to receive any restitution from the suspect through the form of civil process. 

This crime is classified as Criminal Mischief valued at $100-$750.

The student from the previous report confronted the student she believes damaged her belongings at Stark Hall, and the altercation turned physical. As of now, both do not want to press charges against each other and want to change rooms. This offense is classified as Assault Causing Bodily Injury.

Sayers Hall- A student and her boyfriend were in a physical argument at Sayers Hall on Oct. 13. No injuries or marks were reported on both individuals, and they do not want to press charges against each other. The boyfriend was escorted off campus and was issued a Criminal Trespass Warning.

This offense is classified as Assault Class C.

Parliament Village – An officer smelled marijuana from a car in the parking lot of Parliament Village on Oct. 15. The officer approached the vehicle, and the occupants both admitted they had finished smoking marijuana and that there was a small joint left in a water bottle inside the car. A probable cause search was conducted by the officer and no other substances were found in the vehicle. 

The driver received a City of Denton citation for possession of drug paraphernalia and a Criminal Trespass Warning.

Mary’s Hall- Officers responded to a terroristic threat at Mary’s Hall on Oct. 17. A student made a statement that they received disturbing messages from an unknown person who threatened to kill them and their family. The student informed the officers that they received harassing messages a month ago. 

This investigation is currently ongoing.

TWU Police Department- A student reported that they are receiving threats from their family on Oct. 23. The student is currently filing a restraining order against her family, and this is currently under investigation. This offense is classified as Harassment.

Ring Road – An officer saw a vehicle drive into a parking lot on Ring Road and saw that the license plate was hanging off the vehicle and missing a screw on Oct. 24. The officer approached the driver and informed her about the license plate, and the officer noticed the smell of marijuana.  The people in the car at first denied having marijuana and later admitted to having it. 

The officer searched the car and saw that the only substance was marijuana.The suspect was issued a City of Denton citation for possession of drug paraphernalia and was issued a Criminal Trespass Warning.

Chapel Drive – An officer responded to a report of damaged property on Chapel Drive on Oct. 26, and a student reported a hit and run when her car was parked. The student stated that she would file charges when the suspect was identified, and the case is currently ongoing. 

This crime blotter will focus on crimes reported from Oct. 12-Oct. 26, and a total of 268 calls for service were reported during that time. 

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