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Blotter: Boyfriend arrested for dating violence, roommates separated due to harassment

Guinn Hall- A report was made by a student that the bath mat inside a dryer in the laundry room was missing on Jan. 26. A short while later, she found the mat and the case was closed. This case was classified as Theft Class C.

An altercation occurred between a boyfriend and a girlfriend at Guinn Hall on Feb.3. The girlfriend accused the boyfriend of attempting to strangle her during an argument and she attempted to get him off of her. Police contacted the boyfriend at the scene and arrested him for Assault Causing Bodily Injury/Dating Violence. He was later taken to jail and was revealed to be trespassing on TWU property.

Multiple Purpose Classroom (MCL) Building- A student’s phone was reported missing and the last place she saw it was in the bathroom, but when she went back to get it, the phone was no longer there on Jan. 26. If the phone is found, it must be brought over to the Lost and Found at the TWU Police Department lobby in the Oakland Complex. As of now, this case is still pending and classified as Theft of Property $750-$2,500 range.

Stark Hall- The RA’s were notified of the smell of marijuana coming from a room in Stark Hall on Jan. 29. When officers and RA’s arrived at the room, they found the smell of burnt marijuana. The students involved were referred to Student Life for student conduct violations. This case is now inactive and is classified as Possession of Marijuana under 2 Ounces.

An officer responded to a report of marijuana odor coming from Stark Hall on Feb.1. The offense of Possession of Drug Paraphernalia was issued to a student after marijuana was found in her room.

A report was made by a student that the seat on her bicycle was stolen after she left her bike on the bike rack outside of Stark Hall on Feb.14. It has been determined that the bike is valued at around $50. The case is still pending and the offense is classified as Theft of Property.

Facilities Management Building-  A Texas Woman’s University staff member notified the police that someone had drilled into the gas tank of a van owned by TWU on Feb. 3. The damage from this is estimated between $100 to $750. This case is still active and the offense is classified as Criminal Mischief.

Administration Dr. near Jones Hall-  A student reported their vehicle as missing on Feb. 8. It was later revealed that the car was repossessed by the company it was purchased from because of non-payment. This incident is unfounded because no crime occurred and is classified as Theft of Property $2,500 to $30,000 amount range.

Capps Hall- Students reported that they were harassed by their roommate and that the roommate claimed that they wanted to fight them on Feb.8. Because of this, the residents were separated into different rooms by the Housing department. As of now, this case is still active and is classified as Harassment.

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