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Welcome from the Chancellor

Dear Texas Woman’s Students! 

Welcome to a new semester, one we know is filled with opportunity for you. The bustle of campus activity is a special time for me as I love seeing your enthusiasm to discover, learn, lead, and serve. I can see it on your faces. Whether you’re seeking a bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral degree, the faculty and staff at Texas Woman’s are on this journey with you. Our aim is to help you develop into the thriving citizens we hope you aspire to be.

Last year, a research report was produced by the Gallup organization and Purdue University. One of its purposes was to measure the aspects of a university education that had the most effect on making students feel positive, not only about their higher education experience but about their life in general. While success in life has often been measured in terms of income and job satisfaction, there is much more to making life fulfilling and happy. The Gallup-Purdue Index included graduates’ personal relationships, physical health, community engagement, economic situation and sense of purpose.

What were the experiences in college that correlated with high levels of fulfillment in life, according to the Gallup-Purdue research? They are not the number of wins of the sports teams or how high the college is ranked but rather the opportunities students had during their college years that helped them develop as individuals. 

What those opportunities included were things like regularly attending music, dance, or theatrical performances that impact you emotionally; participating in “service” such as working with kids in adaptive PE; a study abroad adventure, and other similar experiences that allow you to transcend your perspective of the world and see life from another angle.

Other important insights that have a dramatic impact on how you value your education experience include: developing a mentoring relationship with a faculty or staff member; taking on a project that lasts a semester or more; working in a job or internship directly connected to your chosen field; or becoming deeply involved in a campus organization or activity. 

This research affirms what we’ve been engaged in for decades at Texas Woman’s; whether from our QEP’s motto of “learn by doing” or the service work we do in occupational therapy, physical therapy, nursing, reading, teaching, music and kinesiology—just to name a few. 

Beyond this research, we know from many years of experience that your physical and mental well-being are very important aspects of your academic success…make these things a habit! We have outstanding fitness and recreation facilities on each of our campuses. And join Outdoor Nation’s Campus Challenge (download the app and help Texas Woman’s win the national title). Now a chancellor may spend most of her time talking about high-level aspirations for an institution but truly this advice is meant to build on the day-in-day-out joy of learning. This semester I encourage you to develop positive habits and reap the many rewards in store for you here at Texas Woman’s. I wish you every success and hope you will keep in touch with me via social media @TWUpres. 


Carine M. Feyten, Ph.D. 

Chancellor and President 

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