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TWU Science Fair coming up

Annual event promotes science locally

Amanda Hall, Reporter

April 9 marks the 27th annual TWU Science Fair, headed by the College of Arts and Sciences as well as the Biology and Chemistry departments. Kindergarten – 8th grade students who are homeschooled or in public and private schools are offered a chance to compete with their science projects.

The TWU Science Fair is an outreach program with the purpose of encouraging and introducing science to students in the North Texas area, according to TWU’s Science Fair website. Kerri Slavens, the Science Learning Resource Center coordinator says that the science fair is beneficial for both the children and college students. Slavens said: “College students are reminded what it is like to be a child and just dive in and investigate, while children can view the college students as positive role models.”

According to TWU’s website, the projects are judged using a point system on how well each project meets the criteria of originality, hypotheses, procedure and organization, investigation trials, analysis, evaluation and conclusion and presentation. Judges are selected from the science and math departments and include faculty, graduate and undergraduate students who are deemed knowledgeable in science.

TWU’s Kappa Epsilon Mu Club is also involved in the science fair. They will provide the KEM Club Magic Show at 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. while the students’ projects are being judged. In years past, the KEM Club has done chemistry-based “magic tricks,” such as The Electric Pickle where a pickle powers a light bulb. This year the KEM club is excited to present a brand new magic trick that is yet to be revealed. KEM club president Bethany Mendoza says she hopes the KEM students “have a good time participating and show their knowledge.”

The deadline to register and submit a $10 fee for the Science Fair is March 31 at 5 p.m. The full list of rules and requirements can be found on TWU’s website:

Interested in judging? Contact Anna Ryan at by April 1st.

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