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TWU Houston campus located in nation’s largest medical center

On any given day 2.2 million people flood the busy streets of Houston, TX working diligently to create a better future in what has become a thriving metropolis centered around gas, oil, and cutting-edge healthcare.

Of these 2.2 million, a humble 1300+ individuals belong to our very own Pioneer family and can be found at the Texas Woman’s University Institute of Health Sciences – Houston Center.

Although the TWU Houston Center has been a part of the Houston skyline since 1960, the current single 10-story building replaced the original campus in 2006. Embedded within the Texas Medical Center, the world’s largest center of its kind, which houses 21 state-of-the-art hospitals containing a variety of medical specialty personnel, public health organizations, advance health science schools, and several research institutions; it truly is no surprise that the TWU Houston Center has become home to highly ranked health science programs in physical and occupational therapy, as well as an outstanding health care administration program.

Although the TWU Houston center is 291 miles from the main TWU campus the Houston center, much like the Dallas center, constantly reaches new heights of academic excellence through the continued support of TWU students. Because of the distance from the central TWU campus in Denton, many people might assume that there is a disconnect between the two campuses; however, through the use of student resources the students at the TWU Houston center can be assured that their needs, both personal and professional, will be met. To ensure this, the TWU Houston Office of Student Life, found on the second floor, maintains a strong presence in the TWU Houston Center ensuring that students “grow and develop in ways that will enhance [their] skill set, and encourage a fuller sense of being.”

Along with the TWU Student Life presence, TWU Houston also offers a campus fitness center and counseling services all conveniently located in close proximity to the Student Life office, found on the second floor. The TWU Houston center also offers health services to students via the University of Texas Health Services found in the neighboring Texas Medical Center; an on-site career consultant can also be found on the first floor of Campus Management Student Services.

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  1. Nova - TWU Houston Center Nova - TWU Houston Center October 12, 2019

    TWU has truly become the best choice for prospective nursing students in the world to get a degree in their field of nursing. Congratulations for TWU.

    Nova D.

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