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The Daedalian seeks artists

By: Nadiyah Suleiman, Page Editor

A selection of Daedalians from previous years.
A selection of Daedalians from previous years.

It’s that time again. TWU’s literary and arts journal “The Daedalian” will be accepting student submissions for the 2015-2016 issue, beginning October 30. Submissions are solicited until early spring, and after the submission deadline passes, a team of readers evaluates each submission with the artists’ names removed prior to reading, ensuring that submissions are considered fairly and without bias. “The Daedalian” publishes the best student submissions as chosen by the panel. Submissions can include fiction, essays, poetry, creative nonfiction, prose, artwork, graphics, photographs, illustrations, drawings and paintings.

While the history of “The Daedalian” is long and complex, our mission is simple: publish or perish. As a student-run literary and arts journal, we seek to encourage the writers and artists of TWU by providing students an opportunity to share their work. The staff at “The Daedalian” tries their best to showcase students’ visions because we believe that there is something in these creative works – whether or not they are selected for publication – which is profoundly honest.

Last year, the staff at “The Daedalian” went through decades of past editions in order to draw inspiration for design and layout. The Special Collections staff of TWU’s library was instrumental in last year’s process by providing vintage copies of “The Daedalian” from the storage vault. The combined efforts of all resulted in an edition of “The Daedalian” that maintains a long history of excellence while bringing the literary and arts journal tradition into the modern day. As this year’s “The Daedalian” begins to take shape, we will strive to produce a literary journal that upholds years of hard work and dedication exerted to showcase students’ creativity.

With this goal in mind it is time to begin searching for the next selection of creative works that will make up the next issue of “The Daedalian.” So dust off your creativity, sharpen your pencils and send your submissions to

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