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Recently, nominees Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump concluded their first Presidential Debate where supporters and undecided voters could watch the presidential nominees discuss their views against each other. The 90 minute segment was split into three sections where each candidate was given 2 minutes to answer their directed question. Moderator and reporter for NBC Nightly News, Lester Holt, Jr. has been recognized for fact checking during the debate after multiple false statements were said.
CNN displayed a “Who Won the Debate” poll after the live debate showing public opinion in favor of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton with a 62 percent approval rating over Trump’s 27 percent. In recent polls done by The New York Times, a full survey of polling averages from The Huffington Post’s polling database, shows Secretary Clinton in the lead at an approval rate of 44
percent, Trumps is at 41 percent.

The Upshot, a model created by The New York Times, calculates the Presidential race outcomes on current state and national polls. Upshot projects that Secretary Clinton has a 75 percent chance of winning compared to Donald Trump’s projection of 25 percent.
Therefore the debate did not help Donald Trump in his efforts to secure undecided voters. During the debate he continuously interrupted Secretary Clinton after losing his composure in the first third of the debate despite Campaign Manager Kellyanne Conway’s efforts to condition Trump into seeming more reserved. Suffice to say his temperament was not held and did not help his poll ratings. Secretary Clinton expressed her preparation for the White House after Donald Trump teased her with being over prepared for the debate. She was secure in her efforts making herself trustworthy after the email scandal, so much that she admitted her wrong doings and apologized.

The next debate will be on Sunday, Oct. 9th, 2016. To read about the next presidential debate look for our online coverage at next week.

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