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The Addams Family creeps into town

Katie Olson, Editor-in-Chief

creditimage1This season, join the Music Theatre of Denton as they perform their latest production “The Addams Family: A New Musical Comedy.” According to, the play follows the original characters by Charles Addams as they react to their daughter Wednesday’s new “normal” boyfriend Lucas.     

In an interview with The Lasso, Music Theatre of Denton Stage Manager Robert Stadt explained the popularity of “The Addams Family” musical: “The appeal is multigenerational because there are three separate generations that now have the quirky, kookiness of the Addams family in their pop culture lexicon. It’s characters that they know and love already, and it’s familiar, and if you already like live theatre, there you go.”     

With its dark humor and memorable musical numbers including “When You’re an Addams,” Stadt adds that the musical centers more on the originality of Charles Addams’ classic work. Nonetheless, he believes that the audience will find the musical as entertaining as their previous exposures to this iconic family. 

Stadt shared: “The characters are so well-written. Everyone has something important to say. At the bottom of all this, [“The Addams Family] is a love story.” It’s about the love between Morticia and Gomez. It’s about the love between Wednesday and her new boyfriend. It’s about the love of a family.”       

The musical will run from Friday Oct. 23 to Sunday Nov. 1 at the Campus Theatre off the Square. Stadt hopes that the audience will recognize the hard work and dedication of the performers, the director, the musical director, the choreographer and everyone else involved who gave their time and dedication to make this musical happen.     

Stadt concluded: “Everyone here is a volunteer. People do this in their spare time and they work very hard. The only thing they really take away from this is the experience and the memory of the applause at the end of the night. Everyone you’re looking at is doing this because they love it.”

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