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Thank a Faculty shares TWU student gratitude

Matt Olson, Copy Editor

At the end of the semester, students often fill out course evaluations to share with professors their thoughts on their courses. This semester, as well as last semester, TWU seeks to go a step further for students who thoroughly enjoyed their classes. The Thank a Faculty initiative is intended for students who wish to share their enthusiasm for a course with their professor.

Senior Associate Provost Dr. Jennifer Martin shared: “Students can write a note to a faculty member to thank them for some difference [the faculty member has] made in their lives or to thank them for an enjoyable class or some particular experience that helped them to learn. They can do it by name or do it anonymously.”

Martin elaborated the process her office will undergo upon receiving student feedback: “Once the semester is over, in my office, we gather all of that information, and we print it on cards so that we actually send something to the faculty member. We don’t send them to the faculty member until past the time the grades are turned in because we don’t want it to, in any way, influence the grading. It’s just an opportunity for students to say ‘thank you’ to people who work really hard around here, the faculty, and it means a lot to the faculty.”

She added: “We had a huge turnout for the first year, and we hope for a lot more this year. I had a faculty member on one of our other campuses call me and say that she had been deciding whether to retire until she received one of these notes, which encouraged her to stay a little longer because she saw the difference she was making in the lives of students.”

Students who wish to Thank a Faculty can visit and fill out the appropriate form.

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